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Introduction: Why Trump Won (02:31)


During an interview in the 1980s, Donald Trump admitted he would choose love over wealth. The real estate developer transformed himself into a president.

Trump as a Performer (03:23)

Trump admitted he acts differently with various individuals. After spending 14 seasons on "The Apprentice," he honed his character. The Manhattan elite did not welcome the developer.

Election Timing (03:30)

The American working class deteriorated. Trump fashioned a character that could win an election. Rumors started that he had political ambitions after attending the 1998 Republican National Convention.

Financial Empire (03:08)

After opening the most expensive casino in the world, Trump almost went bankrupt. In 1991, he pretended to be a PR man for himself. Trump leaked stories to the press as a distraction.

Presidential Run (03:54)

Trump joined the Reform Party; Americans wanted a non-politician to run for president. "The Apprentice" portrayed him as decisive, ambitious, and successful. Trump questioned the authenticity of Barak Obama's birth certificate.

Trumbull, Ohio (07:48)

Trump created a rust-belt rebellion. When steel factories closed, jobs disappeared. Thousands of registered Democrats voted for the Republican presidential candidate.

Trump's Political Force (03:21)

Trump believed he would lose the election. National polls consistently put Hillary Clinton ahead of Trump, but key state polls in the electoral college were incorrect.

Presidential Controversy (02:13)

Politicians assumed Trump would lose support with the religious right and female voters; late-deciding citizens voted for the Republican. James Comey advised Congress he was investigating deleted emails from Clinton's server.

Election Day (03:15)

President Barack Obama informed Clinton she lost the election. David Betras wrote a memo letting the Democratic Party know that Trump might win the election.

Democratic Elections (04:38)

Bill Clinton resonated with the white working class and tied his opponents in both elections. Clinton called Trump supporters "deplorables." Citizens voted for the candidate with whom they could relate.

Conclusion: Why Trump Won (03:44)

Fareed Zakaria believes Trump won because of capitalism, culture, class, and communication. The Republican party exploits working class Americans who feel frustrated. The country needs a politician who can unite the disenfranchised parties.

Credits: Why Trump Won (00:08)

Credits: Why Trump Won

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Fareed Zakaria examines how Trump’s own life story—a kid from Queens who crossed the bridge to scale the heights of wealth in Manhattan – yet never quite fit in with the city’s upper crust—helped him forge a powerful connection with Americans who felt they’d been left behind.

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