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Parkland, a Broken City (05:29)


Students recall how they felt after the school shooting. Melody Herzfeld oversees the theater program at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. A shooter opened fire while the class was rehearsing.

Two Months After the Shooting (07:59)

Students decide to continue production on "Yo, Vikings." Herzfeld directs the production and asks for a moment of silence for those who died.

Life Perspective (03:09)

Everything is vivid when you are fifteen. Herzfeld promises her class that life is good. Drama students become activists after the school shooting.

Healing from Trauma (05:07)

Alex Wind describes how songwriting helped him cope with the school shooting. People erect a memorial outside the school. Rallies against gun violence occur in Seattle, Detroit, New York City, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and other cities around the country.

Opening Night (05:41)

"Yo, Vikings" premieres; Herzfeld is proud of her students. The drama department from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School sings "Seasons of Love" at the Tony Awards.

Credits: Song of Parkland (01:19)

Credits: Song of Parkland

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Song of Parkland

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When Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School drama teacher Melody Herzfeld heard the fire alarm on February 14, 2018, she was with her students in rehearsals for their annual children’s musical. Moments later, a Code Red sounded. Herzfeld rushed her 65 students into a storage closet while a shooter killed 17 teachers and students nearby. Filmed in the months following the shootings, while the Florida school community is grappling with the tragedy, Song of Parkland documents the dedication of teacher Melody Herzfeld and her theater students as they return to school and resolve to continue with their production. “This is our begin again. This is our start-over.… This is the most important show you’re going to do, ever,” she tells them. The touching documentary debuts one year after the attack.

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