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Apartheid (02:16)


Imagine if the black communities of South Africa seized power violently. Key moments in avoiding a civil war include Boer settlers migrating inland, the National Party winning the election, and Nelson Mandela being arrested. (Credits)

Boer Settlers (03:30)

Dutch settlers found a colony on the Southern tip of Africa; French, German, and Scandinavian migrants arrive and conquer Khoikhoi, bushmen, and Xhosa territories. After the British Empire arrives and imposes its authority, the Great Trek occurs.

Memory of Humanity (05:09)

Boers compare the Great Trek to the exodus of the Jews in the Old Testament. The Battle of Blood River becomes a miraculous victory. The Boer people found several republics including the Transvaal, Natalia, and the Orange Free State; after discovering gold and diamonds, the Anglo-Boer Wars erupt.

Apartheid (04:09)

Laws include the Glen Grey Act, Group Areas Act, Immorality Amendment Act, the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, Reservation of Separate Amenities Act, and the Population Registration Act. Afrikaner nationalists fight to win power and expel the British middle class. The Bantustan system designates ten tribal homelands.

Violence Erupts (05:25)

The apartheid system protects itself through repression and segregation laws; compare the Palestinian plight to the blacks in South Africa. After planning a campaign of sabotage, Mandela is incarcerated in Robben Island, near Cape Town. Frederik de Klerk decides to release Mandela.

Turning Point in History (04:39)

Mandela becomes a symbol of unity and forgiveness because he was not radicalized. South Africa is crippled by economic sanctions and embargoes because of apartheid. After becoming president, Mandela establishes the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Credits: From the Boer War to Apartheid (00:48)

Credits: From the Boer War to Apartheid

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From the Boer War to Apartheid

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August 5, 1962, South Africa—after several months on the run, the Black leader Nelson Mandela is arrested by the South African police and incarcerated in Robben Island, a fortress-like jail off Cape Town. He doesn’t know it at that time, but it is only the beginning of his penitential ordeal. Despite this imprisonment, he will quickly become the symbol of the fight against apartheid. A complex and terrifying system of racial segregation is hidden behind this word. Instituted from 1948 by the National Party, apartheid will plunge the country into a continuous climate of insecurity until the end of the 20th century.

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