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Emergency Evacuations (02:15)


DoublExit's device assists escapes from high-rise buildings. Creators hope the bidirectional system will become mainstream and save many lives.

Automatic Crash Notification System (02:37)

The car system can be a lifesaving tool for emergency services. GPS and sensors provide vital information that can help emergency personnel arrange suitable care for accident victims.

Evacuation Software (02:48)

The software tests procedures for ships, planes, and buildings before construction begins; it also determines placement and number of evacuation points. Countries near Sumatra and Samoa test and rehearse warning reaction systems.

Emergency Protection (02:14)

A London exhibition showcases services that provide protection. These include biological protection and emergency relief.

Explosives Mitigation (02:51)

Blast control systems help minimize damage and loss of life when emergency crews encounter explosive devices; they can be adapted with personalized barriers. A new device uses honeybee senses as a warning system for danger.

Disaster Training (03:39)

China has a history of catastrophic earthquakes. The International Search and Rescue Advisory Group organizes training and response drills. Standardized procedures help eliminate language barriers.

Disaster Monitoring Constellation (02:09)

Representatives from 12 countries provide satellite imagery for damage assessment; satellites take images in multi-spectral bands in three colors. The Earth Mapper records land mass images every five days.

Adaptive Techniques (03:32)

Emergency service personnel must adapt practices to suit their environment. A mini firetruck helps firefighters in Ho Chi Minh City tend to over 400 fires a year. Emergency personnel continue to improve skills and operations.

Credits: Emergency Services (00:27)

Credits: Emergency Services

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Emergency Services

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The many facets of emergency services professionals have been put to the test over recent years with an increase in natural and manmade disasters. This video shows technology, from prevention and safety innovations to rescue drills and satellite imagery that provides the means to be prepared in the face of disaster. It considers how workers across the board are benefiting from these innovations, by more streamlined and safer procedures and new tools to assist rescues.

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