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Olive Groves (03:39)


Fruit flies are detrimental pests. MasliNET collects data from the environment and photographs flies. Free fatty acid levels are an important parameter in edible oil processing.

New Holland Machinery (01:49)

New Holland is involved in projects to improve living conditions around the world; machinery helps farmers improve yields. The company sells the largest combine harvester.

Animal Waste (03:12)

Waste is fertilizer in some countries and an environmental problem in others. A pig farm in the Netherlands and a chicken farm in China convert waste to electricity.

Self-Milking Cows (02:35)

The high-tech dairy cow center at the University of Nottingham is designed to improve animal welfare and milk yields; robotic systems mange day-to-day operations. Cows choose when to be milked.

Combating Food Shortages (05:54)

China is the fourth largest producer of genetically modified crops; regulation is a challenge and long-term health effects are unclear. The United States embraces GM products like SmartStax.

Combating Malaria (04:04)

Up to 500 million cases of malaria occur around the world every year. Farmers in the U.K. attempt to grow wormwood with double-strength artemisinin. Technology makes farming a more sustainable industry.

Credits: Farming and Agriculture (00:27)

Credits: Farming and Agriculture

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Farming and Agriculture

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Aided by technological advancements, the farming and agricultural industry has stepped forward in leaps and bounds, using the latest ideas to ensure more yields and safer systems. From turning waste into biogas and tackling the diverse world of genetically modified crops, this video examines the worth of technology in this industry. It looks at modern machinery from New Holland, how waste is converted into biofuel, and the growth of medicinal crops.

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