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Martin Luther King Jr. (04:09)


King led a revolution that ended racial segregation. He adhered to an anti-violence policy and placed churches at the forefront of the fight for equality; the FBI placed King under surveillance. He was assassinated in 1968.

Mahatma Gandhi (04:09)

Gandhi believed in passive resistance. He studied law in England and became the first non-white lawyer admitted to the bar; he developed the Satyagraha philosophy. Indian independence was his primary focus; Gandhi was assassinated in 1948.

Indira Gandhi (04:18)

India's first female prime minister was a leader in the Green Revolution whose radical initiatives curried favor with the poor. Her authoritarian regime created many political enemies and she was arrested in 1977. Citizens reelected her in 1980; she was assassinated in 1984.

Suffragettes (08:18)

The media ridiculed women who pushed for voting rights; Emmeline Pankhurst inspired middle-class wives to civil disobedience. World War I affected the suffrage movement and divided the Pankhurst family; Viscount Nancy Astor was the first female to enter Parliament.

Mother Teresa (04:09)

Mother Teresa tended to the destitute and disadvantaged; she founded the Missionaries of Charity. Christopher Hitchen criticized her motive and goals. Teresa was beatified in 2003.

Nelson Mandela (08:23)

The African National Congress fought against Apartheid; Mandela received a life sentence in 1964. President F.W. De Klerk dismantled Apartheid and released Mandela in 1990. Mandela became South Africa's first black president and promoted reconciliation.

Credits: 20th-Century Freedom Fighters (00:13)

Credits: 20th-Century Freedom Fighters

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This video profiles some of the most significant individuals involved in creating equality and liberty for population around the world. It features portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr.; Mahatma Gandhi; Indira Gandhi; the Suffragettes; Mother Teresa; and Nelson Mandela.

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