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Human Growth (03:03)


The human lifespan is a remarkable transformation from cell to sentient being. Scientists can extend life through available processes in the body, and discover insights regarding learning, growth, and survival. The body regenerates as it ages; senior citizens discuss their youthfulness.

Human Regeneration (07:50)

Lew Hollander, 87-years-old, explains his motivation for competing in a triathlon. Human skin is replaced once a month and the liver once a year; stem cells replicate and restore others. Red blood cells carry oxygen to tissues, and are renewed by hemocytoblasts.

Human Milk Oligosaccharides (06:46)

From birth, the body begins cell division and growth, developing throughout a lifespan. Prof. J. Bruce German explains breast milk components. Bifidobacterium infantis is now used to prevent necrotizing enterocolitis in preemies.

Bone Growth (05:49)

In the body's first few years, weight triples and height doubles; bone development begins in the brain, where the pituitary releases hormones. Keisha and Wilco van Kleef-Bolton are the U.K.'s tallest couple; four genes affect height.

Human Maturity (08:20)

Maturity takes longer than most species; brain development requires significant energy and alternates with body growth. See a 6-year-old drummer play. During activities, synapses form and connect brain cells, allowing performance of complex tasks; unused pathways are pruned by microglia.

Brain Operations (03:22)

Because every brain grows differently, operations are individually tailored. Doctor Paul Grundy performs surgery; the patient is kept conscious to test her speech area.

Puberty (07:15)

Cheerleaders perform routines and visit the beach; they discuss current stages of puberty. The process begins in the hypothalamus; testosterone and estrogen trigger physical changes and growth. Development times vary and are linked to body fat levels, explaining appetite for high energy foods.

Twenty-Something Humans (04:38)

Humans are in their prime, directing energy to finding a partner; a young couple discusses settling down. Physical and emotional affection creates chemical responses that begin in the adrenal gland. In 2016, scientists captured footage of conception; before fertilization, egg zinc levels increase.

Growing Organs (05:18)

As humans age, cell regeneration slows and organs fail. Doctor Harald Ott grows a heart using stem cells and donated scaffolding. The research could extend lifespans and the body's restorative capabilities.

Summary and Credits: Grow (01:45)

Summary and Credits: Grow

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This is the story of incredible growth; from a single cell to an extraordinary walking, talking, being made up of 37 trillion cells. It looks towards the future, where we might push the boundaries of what a human lifetime can be.

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