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Roland Fargo Crump (06:20)


Rolly Crump was an animator at Disney Studios and was picked by Walt Disney to help design Disneyland. He was born in 1930 and grew up with a love of drawing. Crump started at Disney Studios in 1952 as an animator.

"The Propellers Got me the Job" (05:01)

Crump made an exhibit of propellers in the library at Disney Studios. Walt Disney saw the exhibit and hired Crump to work at WED, which was Disney's secret workshop. Crump worked on building Disneyland.

"Walt, It's a Piece of Crap!" (01:55)

Crump designed a tower of propellers for the world's fair section of the park. He was disappointed by how his design had to be constructed.

"A Dark Whimsy" (02:38)

Crump and Yale Gracey designed the Haunted Mansion ride. They took inspiration from illusions and ghost stories. They originally designed it as a walk-through haunted house, but operations turned it into a ride.

"The Birds Will Poop in the Food!' (03:14)

Crump worked on the Tiki Room, which was the first to use animatronics. Crump drew each of the Tiki heads and sculptured most of them, despite having no sculpting experience.

"This Stuff is Really Weird, Rolly." (02:34)

Crump drew outlandish and dark images during his downtime. Walt Disney saw the drawings and decided to make them into the Museum of the Weird, which was added to the Haunted Mansion.

"I'd Like to Do a Little Boat Ride." (02:50)

Walt Disney wanted to build a boat ride on the last plot of land in the world's fair section. Crump was assigned to design It's a Small World. It was built in only nine months.

"It's a Big, Big Deal." (03:59)

Crump was awarded the Disney Legends Award. As part of the award, he was given on window on Main Street.

Credits: The Whimsical Imagineer (00:50)

Credits: The Whimsical Imagineer

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When Rolly Crump interviewed for a job at Disney Animation in the 1950s, he was told he had "the worst portfolio of anyone ever hired at Disney Animation Studio." As it turned out, Crump was one of the best hires Disney ever made. Working with Walt Disney himself, Crump created some of Disneyland's most popular attractions, including The Haunted Mansion, The Tiki Room, and It's a Small World. Featuring interviews with Crump and Disney legend Bob Gurr, this video highlights Crump's work and innovations at Disney and includes rarely scene footage of test runs, scale models, and concept drawings.

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