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"Hymmnn" and "Hum Bom:" Introduction (03:40)


Hear lines from Allen Ginsberg's two chant-like poems inspired by William Blake and ancient religious traditions. Bono discusses his emotional and intellectual range and spiritual appeal with Elisa New.

"Hymmnn" (03:17)

New interviews Buddhist, Hindu and Jewish practitioners and U.S. poet laureate Juan Felipe Herrera about Ginsberg's poem. It is a section of "Kaddish," an autobiographical poem about coming of age in an immigrant Jewish family.

Anaphora (03:33)

Rabbi Moshe Waldoks explains dual meanings of "blessed." Spiritual practitioners discuss the visceral and hypnotic effect of chanting and compare Ginsberg's poem "Hymmnn" to prayer.

Blessed be Death (06:06)

Spiritual practitioners discuss Ginsberg's inclusion of all things in life in his poem "Hymmnn." Herrera reflects on his mother's suffering during birth. In a recording, Ginsberg shares raising emotions around his mother's death.

"Hum Bom" (03:15)

Hear Ginsberg's poem commenting on the Vietnam War. Frank Ryan recalls his courage at a Chicago protest in 1968. They were part of a meditation group that blocked railroad tracks near a plutonium facility.

Gog and Magog (04:20)

Ginsberg references biblical bogeymen and Armageddon in "Hum Bom." During the 1991 Gulf War, he added new stanzas—showing the poem as a work in progress. New reflects on the impermanent aspect of his poetry.

Credits: Hymmnn and Hum Bom (00:41)

Credits: Hymmnn and Hum Bom

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Hymmnn and Hum Bom

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"Hymmnn" and "Hum Bom" by Allen Ginsberg, featuring Bono, Juan Felipe Herrera, and a chorus of religious chant practitioners.

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