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Thoughts on "Those Winter Sundays" (02:54)


Vice President Joe Biden reads this poem by Robert Hayden with Elisa New. The poem explores the relationship between a father working manual labor and his child.

African-American Poet (04:26)

Hayden was black but most students read the poem without that context. He grew up in a poor black neighborhood in Detroit during the Great Depression. His poem uses harsh language to describe his father's working conditions.

American Workers (03:32)

"Those Winters Sundays" states the toll manual labor took on the father in the poem. Many American saw similar effects on their fathers. Readers respond to the line "no one ever thanked him."

Form in Poetry (05:59)

"Those Winter Sundays" is an irregular sonnet. Sonnets are usually used to express love. There are several direct representations of the father doing good, but Hayden's use of the word anger grab's the reader's attention.

Change in Poetry (07:20)

Hayden uses "cold" in every stanza, but its context changes each time. The child grows throughout the poem and begins to understand that his father did love him.

Credits: Those Winter Sundays (00:41)

Credits: Those Winter Sundays

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Those Winter Sundays

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"Those Winter Sundays" by Robert Hayden, featuring Vice President Joe Biden, Elizabeth Alexander, Angela Duckworth, and a chorus of working fathers and sons.

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