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Thoughts on "Fast Break" (03:37)


NBA players talk about the beauty of this basketball move after which this poem was named. Professor Elisa New talks with poet Edward Hirsch about his poem. He has a group of players run through the play described in the poem.

Lyrical Poetry (03:20)

"Fast Break" is all one sentence to mimic the flow of a basketball play. Hirsch broke the poem into couplets to highlight each movement in the play.

Language of Poetry (03:23)

Shaquille O'Neal explains how the words used in "Fast Break" speak to him. Hirsch used emotional phrases to draw in the reader and basketball terms that are familiar to players.

Tone in Poetry (03:30)

The players in Hirsch's poem make mistakes. His description and humor within the poem set a warm mood.

Honor in Poetry (10:23)

Hirsch dedicated "Fast Break" to Dennis Turner, his friend who died in 1984. He calls the players in the poem "brothers" to highlight their bond. He wanted to put emotions and feelings into a poem with a masculine topic.

Credits: Fast Break (00:41)

Credits: Fast Break

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Fast Break

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"Fast Break" by Edward Hirsch, featuring Shaquille O'Neal, Edward Hirsch, Shane Battier, Pau Gasol, and a chorus of pick-up basketball players.

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