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The Real Brown (03:35)


Oliver L Brown was the original plaintiff in Brown v. Board of Education. The court determined it was unconstitutional to segregate on the basis of race. NAACP started with higher education against state laws.

Common Misconceptions (03:18)

Brown v. Board of Education was actually a class-action lawsuit; there were over 13 families in the Topeka area that took part. Charles Hamilton Houston was determined to end Jim Crow laws and served as the mentor to Thurgood Marshall. Lucinda Todd attempted to integrate movie theaters.

President Harry S. Truman (06:21)

Topeka is 70 miles from Kansas City. Missouri is a slave state and Truman organized the committee of civil rights. The Secretary of State entered a "Friends of the Court" brief stipulating arguing on behalf of the plaintiffs.

Cheryl Henderson's Experiences (03:53)

Brown died ten years later and did not understand the impact of the class action. African-American men lived primarily in projects. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. held a candlelight vigil to help the south heal.

Lack of Understanding (03:55)

The Brown decision was 105 years in the making. In Kansas alone, 11 other cases were brought against segregation in education. The Brown Foundation developed a curriculum for schools, opened libraries, gave scholarships, and created exhibits about the civil rights movement.

Brown Legacy (03:53)

Two Supreme Court and a Kansas state decision comprised the Brown legacy. Congress lacked the political will to ensure that minority students were achieving. Every four to eight years the administration changed its opinion on how schools can be improved.

Credits: The Brown Decision: A Family Legacy (00:31)

Credits: The Brown Decision: A Family Legacy

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In 1954, Rev. Oliver Brown, who along with 12 other families, filed suit against a local board of education in Kansas. Their case made its way to the U. S. Supreme Court and on May 17, 1954 became the landmark school desegregation decision known as Brown v. Board of Education. In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, Brown's daughter Cheryl Brown Henderson, president and CEO of the Brown Foundation, gives an insider’s story and a rare history lesson.

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