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Creating a New Art Form (02:00)


The Atlantic Slave Trade brings 20 million Africans to the New World. Owners mix up the slave population to reduce the chance of rebellion.

Singing on the Plantation (05:26)

Performers sing an acapella version of "In My Time of Dying." The slaves wake in the morning, sing as the get ready for work, and toil under the hot sun.

African American Spirituals (04:44)

The ensemble sings "Amazing Grace" and "Somebody's Calling My Name."

Freedom at Last (03:47)

Slave owners leave to fight in the Civil War. Yankees arrive on a southern plantation and free the slaves. The ensemble sings "I'm Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table."

History of American Music (04:41)

After Emancipation, black music divides into meter music and ragtime. The beat of modern gospel and rhythm and blues is identical. Listen to "I've Got Those Blues."

Changes in Worship (04:59)

Baltimore hangs a woman for teaching a slave to read. Hymnal books drain the emotion from African American singing; many turn to the Pentecostal Church. The Ensemble sings "He's the Joy of My Salvation."

Credits: Songs For the Spirit — Part Two (00:10)

Credits: Songs For the Spirit — Part Two

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Songs for the Spirit — Part 2

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This program from Tony Brown's Journal continues the look at the evolution of music in the Black experience.

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