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Martin Luther King Jr, (03:22)


Dr. Joseph Lowery emphasizes the importance of honoring King in the correct context. Tony Brown explains the start of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Experts discuss economics and protesting.

March on Washington (03:57)

Hear portions of King's speech on August 1963. Taylor Branch discusses King's oratory.

Support of America's Conscience (02:25)

Experts discuss why the television media loved King, the legitimization of his movement, and his criticism of U.S. militarism and economics.

Potential Enemies? (06:11)

During the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations, 400 blacks are added to the FBI Security Index; SCLC leaders are labeled communist subversives. In 1968, the government mobilizes the military in response to King's Poor People Campaign. Georgia Davis Powers describes King's assassination.

Mourning and Remembering King (09:02)

See footage of King's memorial service and funeral procession, and hear a speech where King discusses his funeral. Citizens and black leaders recall his death and activism.

Credits: Reflections of MLK (00:11)

Credits: Reflections of MLK

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Reflections of MLK

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In commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr., this program from Tony Brown's Journal highlights Dr. King’s contributions through archival footage and interviews with some of his closest associates.

Length: 26 minutes

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