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Ted Williams (04:49)


Baseball player Ted Williams missed nearly five seasons while serving in World War II and the Korean War. He was known as the greatest hitter and the absences did not affect his abilities.

Williams' Childhood (03:57)

Williams grew up in poverty and used baseball as an outlet for his struggles at home. He was Mexican-American but hid his heritage for most of his life. He focused on his attention on becoming the greatest hitter.

Williams' Start in Baseball (04:37)

Williams began playing minor league baseball at 17, against his religious mother's wishes. He began playing for the Boston Red Sox at 20 and had a record-breaking rookie season. He got into fights with baseball writers who criticized him.

Williams and DiMaggio (02:55)

In 1941, Williams and New York Yankees player Joe DiMaggio were both having their greatest seasons. They were constantly being compared to each other but had very different personalities. Their rivalry continued after they retired from playing.

Williams and Hitting (04:17)

Williams redefined baseball and made hitting the most important element. He studied hitting and developed ways to improve it. In 1941, he was nicknamed the greatest hitter.

Williams and World War II (02:13)

Williams did not enlist after Pearl Harbor and was criticized by fans. He joined the U.S. Navy after the 1942 season. He got married and became a father before the war ended.

Williams' Return to Baseball (01:57)

Williams returned to the Red Sox for the 1946 season. He was injured for part of the season and was blamed for the team losing the World Series.

Williams and Fishing (04:56)

Williams took up fly fishing. He brought the same level of dedication to fishing that he had to baseball and won numerous competitive awards. He sent more time fishing than at home with his family.

Williams and the Korean War (02:46)

Williams had stayed in the Reserves after World War II and was recalled. He tried to fight going to Korea but lost and was sent into combat.

Williams' Second Return to Baseball (05:44)

Williams returned to the Red Sox after the war. He was one of the biggest stars in the country but had a bad temper and was sometimes mean to fans.

Williams' Final Seasons (04:07)

At 40, Williams had a bad season because of an injury. He agreed to take a pay cut for his final season. He scored a home run at his final at bat.

Williams' Retirement (02:51)

Williams was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame as soon as he was eligible. He mentioned Negro League players in his speech, which led to several being inducted. He wrote a book about hitting.

Williams' Later Life (07:51)

Williams coached for the Red Sox. He had a close relationship with his son, John Henry. He attended the 1999 All-Star Game as the greatest living player.

Credits: American Masters: Ted Williams (01:20)

Credits: American Masters: Ted Williams

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