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Combat Experience (03:10)


Veterans recall war experiences; war is universal. New recruits arrive for basic training.

Boot Camp (09:37)

A drill sergeant addresses new recruits; veterans recall experiences during basic training. The military's approach is to the benefit of combat effectiveness; boot camp is a transformation process.

In Country (04:56)

While covering the war in Bosnia, Sebastian Junger realizes group survival matters more to soldiers than individual survival. Veterans recall deployment experiences and combat zones in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Combat (11:44)

Veterans describe experiences under fire, the smell of combat, and killing the enemy. Junger discusses the psychological aftermath of an IED explosion. Soldiers are present in the moment and focused during war.

Casualties (07:35)

MJ Hegar recalls rescuing an injured soldier who died during surgery; she feels guilty for initially being excited for a mission. A.B. Grantham describes getting shot in the chest. Veterans discuss preparing to die, the fear of failing comrades, and bonds with fellow soldiers.

Loss (06:23)

Karl Marlantes often thinks about comrades killed during combat. Veterans reflect on death, revenge, and the psychological impact of battle.

Coming Home (10:32)

Veterans describe their state of mind, trying to transition from soldier to civilian, and the need to discuss the war. Many soldiers suffer from PTSD. Civilians do not understand war in the same way as soldiers.

Credits: Going to War (01:02)

Credits: Going to War

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Going to War

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War is the ultimate paradox. Filled with terror, pain, and grief, it also brings exhilaration, and a profound sense of purpose. Going to War helps us make sense of this paradox and get to the heart of what it's like to be a soldier in times of war. The film illuminates the experiences of training, battle, and coming home for soldiers across conflicts, revealing the universals of the warrior's journey. Leading our exploration are Sebastian Junger, bestselling author and director of the Academy Award-nominated film Restrepo, and Karl Marlantes, decorated Marine officer and author of the bestselling novel Matterhorn and the fearless memoir What It is Like to Go to War. Both men bring firsthand experience, hard-won wisdom, and an abiding commitment to telling the warrior's story with insight and unflinching candor.

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