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Conceptualizing an Architectural Icon (02:53)


Developers and construction workers hope the revolutionary Scorpion Tower becomes a Miami centerpiece. Its curved exoskeleton design rises 790 feet high and includes 62 luxury condominiums looking over Museum Park; see other structures designed by Hadid. Its completion deadline is in four years.

December 2014 (03:06)

Hadid speaks at the Scorpion Tower groundbreaking ceremony; General Superintendent Joe Cerri discusses contracting and specific challenges of its construction. Finding stable building ground in Miami is difficult; his team designs and implements steel reinforced foundation pilings driving 177 feet deep.

August 2015 (02:43)

Concrete pouring for the foundation slab begins, requiring 1000 truckloads within 24 hours; the cement must reach every corner before setting. Developers discuss construction progress; the first stage is successfully completed.

February 2016 (06:23)

As Scorpion Tower construction reaches the seventh floor; support columns take shape and require innovative glass fiber reinforced concrete to acquire smooth curves. Technology developer Harold Halvorsen describes the revolutionary material; Design Manager Nasr Yahir discusses engineering challenges. Custom panels are formed and shipped from Dubai to Miami in key stages; Head of Logistics Simon Hanlon discusses managing their transportation.

March 2016 (05:01)

While the ninth floor is constructed, architect Hadid falls ill and passes away; developers Gregg Covin and Louis Birdman discuss carrying out her legacy. Building reaches the fifteenth floor, and custom panels used to complete the exoskeleton; Keith Bisson describes challenges of working with new technology; see construction work as designs are explained. The team encounters problems requiring material reconfiguration and approval from Dubai engineers.

November 2016 (02:21)

The twenty fourth floor takes shape two months behind schedule; Cerri explains challenges of using new technology. The Scorpion Tower's columns fork, and their construction must be precise; see laborers set steel supports at calculated angles.

January 2017 (03:28)

The Scorpion Tower construction work force is increased to make the completion deadline; see laborers tasking. Head of Interiors Mark Morabito discusses challenges of the project; no two floors are alike. The least costly condo will cost $5.8 million, and buyers will be discriminating; an error in sprinkler and lighting placement is detected and prevented elsewhere.

March 2017: Balcony One (04:57)

Scorpion Tower construction is at the halfway stage as the work force races to stay on schedule; its complex design challenges contractors. Tony Patriarca discusses balcony installation; the operation must be temporarily aborted due to bolt misplacement; new pins are installed and panels fit precisely.

March 2017: Thirty Second Floor (04:54)

Keith Bisson prepares to rejoin exoskeleton columns, encasing them with custom panels; Patriarca detects a gap resulting from an alignment error eight floors below. Supervisors discuss methods to fix the problem; the panels must be lifted to correct it.

April 2017 (07:15)

The team is eight weeks behind schedule constructing the challenging Scorpion Tower design; buck hoists are essential for efficient completion; Superintendent Dwight Paterson discusses maneuvering the elevator around its curves. Cerri points out a tilted hoist tower requiring reconstruction, new materials and time. A model unit is readied on the seventeenth floor, to be shown in two months; Developer Kevin Venger inspects progress, requiring air duct removal.

September 2017 (10:02)

A level is completed every nine days, and the Scorpion Tower reaches the fifty first floor when Hurricane Irma suspends construction. The category four storm tears through Miami, but causes little damage to the building; work resumes at a progressive pace. Damage is repaired and only five stories remain; the seventeenth floor model is complete and pitched; Morabito discusses design coordination.

Credits: The Scorpion Tower (00:21)

Credits: The Scorpion Tower

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