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Indigenous Bolivians Empowered (04:17)


Bolivia is the poorest country on a continent. Citizens flock to El Alto for the signing of a new constitution that empowers the indigenous majority, and the inauguration of Evo Morales.

Lowlands Opposition (01:52)

Morales’ opposition is centered in Santa Cruz de la Sierra; they feel threatened by talk of socialism. Opposition leader Carlos Pablo Klinsky advocates a mixed government that curbs neoliberal tendencies while protecting private property.

Juancito Pinto and Bono Dignidad (03:51)

One in three Bolivians live on less than a dollar a day, and indigenous citizens are traditionally the most disadvantaged. The Morales government has expanded schools and given out vouchers to impoverished students. Norberto Arroyo Lunares collects $14 a month thanks to a new pension program.

Literacy Campaign (01:59)

Bolivia has historically had the highest illiteracy rate in South America. The government’s Yo Si Puedo program provides adult literacy classes in Spanish and native languages. Participants discuss how the program helps lift citizens out of poverty and isolation.

Microcredit Scheme (03:06)

Delizia Milk is the second largest producer of yogurt and ice cream in La Paz. The company uses a microcredit scheme to buy milk from more than 2,000 small farms across the highlands. The company obtains quality product for less while raising the incomes of impoverished farmers.

Lowland Land Disputes (05:52)

Morales’ new land reform meets resistance in the lowlands around Santa Cruz de la Sierra; 100 families own 83% of the land. The new constitution limits private ownership and empowers the government to seize property that is not productively used. Fraud and right-wing retaliation are unintended consequences.

Credits: Power to the People (00:11)

Credits: Power to the People

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Bolivia elected its first indigenous president, Evo Morales, in 2005. He came to power after a wave of protests, and his government has sought to promote the social and cultural inheritance of its majority indigenous population. It has used gas revenues to reduce adult illiteracy, provide pensions and improve the education of the poor. It believes this to be pivotal in its fight against poverty, but how successful has the process been? As powerful opposition lines up against the president, how useful a model could this be for others to follow?

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