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Burundian Refugee (03:29)


Vanisi Nahayo returns home following a civil war that claimed the lives of 200,000 Burundians and created 500,000 refugees. She recalls being separated from her parents while fleeing Congo. Nahayo and her foster mother, Vermillia Estel, have been living in a refugee camp in Tanzania.

Mtabila Refugee Camps (03:16)

Nearly 200,000 Burundian refugees live in Tanzania. Yves Horent describes waves of conflict since the 1960s. Estel explains why she took in three foster children; Dominique Seseka educates refugee children.

Prospect of Returning Home (04:09)

Nahayo receives a letter saying her parents are alive. Today, it is safer to Burundi since most of the warring factions have stopped fighting. Nahayo says a tearful goodbye to her foster parents.

Return to Burundi (04:45)

Burundians are welcomed home, registered, and receive medical advice at a transit center. Rosemary Okoth of UNHCR and Horent describe logistical hurdles to repatriation and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure.

Family Reunion (05:44)

The refugee convoy receives a military escort. Nahayo’s parents describe their experiences during the civil war. Nahayo arrives in Muyinga for an emotional reunion.

Credits: Returning Home (00:10)

Credits: Returning Home

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Returning Home

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Thousands of the children caught up in Burundi’s tragic civil war fled to Tanzania. Many are now making the return journey, many as orphans. What will they find? Returning Home follows the emotional journey of Vanisi, who has been away from her country and parents for 13 years. She has lived in Congo and Tanzania with a Burundian family that took her in since she was 10. However, the time has come for Vanisi to go home and be reunited with her family and friends. 

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