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Survivor Describes Abuse and Life on the Streets (06:51)


Experts reflect on the prevalence of child abuse. Many children wind up on the streets of Kampala. Chandiga Swamad shows off his unisex hair salon and describes beatings that led to life on the streets.

Helping Street Kids (02:43)

Swamad explains how he saved enough money for his salon. He teaches kids how to cut hair, helping them find a better life. Kampala Police Superintendent Karamura Patrick patrols the streets, looking out for imperiled youth.

Battling Sexual Abuse (05:28)

Surveys suggest rape and sexual abuse are common and that half of the crimes are never reported. Ethiopian law enforcement has created a system that allows children to testify without coming face-to-face with abusers. One survivor recalls abuse she suffered beginning at age eight.

Child Soldiers and Female Genital Mutilation (02:45)

Africa’s recent history of armed conflict has taken a toll on the lives of children. Joseph Vamboi recalls the murder of his parents and his experiences as a child soldier. The United Nations African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child is meant to protect child soldiers and girls that have been subjected to F.G.M.

Rehabilitation and Job Training (03:12)

Vocational skills organizations help children across the African continent. Vamboi learns to deal with his experiences at a rehabilitation center in Uganda. Swamad gives the next generation of street kids marketable skills.

Credits: Beating Child Violence in Africa (00:21)

Credits: Beating Child Violence in Africa

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Beating Child Violence in Africa

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Child abuse is a massive issue throughout the whole of Africa. It happens on a daily basis and for far too many children it is an accepted part of daily life. This film follows the story of Chandiga Swamad, who was so badly abused by his stepfather he left home when he was only 12 to live on the streets of Kampala. More violence and brutality ensued. He was caught up in vicious battles between rival gangs and often the police, who simply wanted the kids out of the way, would resort to thug tactics to clear the streets. But Swamad has managed to turn his life around. He trained as a hairdresser and now he has his own saloon employing several people. It’s so successful he has been able to help train other street kids who, like him, used to encounter daily violence and abuse.

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