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Braeburn and Annabelle (02:46)


Braeburn trained a Bay Pinto Miniature Horse to be his certified diabetic alert service animal. He has type 1 diabetes, and when she detects low blood sugar, she touches her muzzle to his hand to alert him. Braeburn chose a miniature horse because he had the maximum amount of dogs allowed within the city.

Horses as Service Animals (02:42)

Miniature horses stand between 34 and 38 inches tall and weigh between 150-250 pounds. They have horse-like behaviors, but enjoy human companionship. Miniature horses have a longer life expectancy than dogs, perform duties just as well as dogs, see colors better than dogs, and their scent detection is just as good.

Train Ride with Annabelle (02:35)

Braeburn takes Annabelle on the train for the first time and is worried she will panic. Though it would scare most horses, Annabelle remains calm, and they journey to Braeburn’s favorite restaurant. The restaurant allows Annabelle in because she is a certified service animal.

Dogs and Horses (02:32)

Handlers train a dog to be comfortable around horses because he is going to a horse farm to work with a woman who has PTSD. They introduce the dog to a horse and a pony by using positive reinforcement. They walk the dog on a leash next to someone riding a horse.

Lynn and Zev (02:32)

Zev is a Mastiff and American Bulldog cross that helps Lynn, who has Hirschsprung’s Disease. Lynn’s digestive tract does not function, she has food life support, and she needs help with many things. Zev was adopted and is affectionate and obedient.

Zev’s Personality and Skills (02:40)

An American Bulldog is a medium-sized breed with a loving and affectionate nature, and the Mastiff is large and powerful breed with a docile and generous temperament. Zev carries Lynn’s things, fetches items, turns the lights off and on, shuts doors, and offers security and comfort. Zev’s skills allow Lynn to be independent.

Obtaining a Service Dog (05:05)

Lynn and her family got Zev at the Humane Society. They brought along a service animal trainer who said Zev would be able to help Lynn in the ways she needed. Zev had three months of intensive training, and Lynn continues to teach him new things.

Credits: Braeburn & Annabelle/Lynn & Zev—Collar of Duty: Season 1 (00:31)

Credits: Braeburn & Annabelle/Lynn & Zev—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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Braeburn & Annabelle/Lynn & Zev—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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A dog trainer with type 1 diabetes trains his miniature horse named Annabelle to detect when his blood sugar gets too low, giving him the confidence to do more things in life without worrying about his health. A rescued American Bulldog named Zev helps a woman with a severe digestive disorder to live more fully.

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