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Meet Dr. Monica Sharma (05:03)


Hazel Henderson welcomes the "Radical Transformational Leadership" author. She spent her childhood in India. Her mother instilled in her a love of nature and joy of spirituality in religion; her father taught her social justice.

Untouchables (04:01)

Sharma explains the Hindu origin of the caste system as a way of organizing society. "Dalit" means the oppressed; 51% of Indians still believe in untouchability. She describes an encounter with a man who came to an epiphany of self-empowerment.

Becoming a Doctor (04:23)

Sharma was inspired by Albert Schweitzer to pursue making change in society. A tuberculosis project shifted her career to community health. She joined the U.N. and appreciated the organization's universal values of equity and justice.

Gender, Money and Power (05:23)

Henderson's patriarchal family inspired her to study how traditional economics was used to control populations. Sharma appreciates being able to retain feminine energy in her professional life, including asserting "emotional" values and principles. Her work engages higher consciousness and universal connectivity.

Division of Labor (03:49)

"Artificial intelligence" is actually human-trained machine intelligence. The conventional economic model has humans training algorithms and then being let go. Sharma discusses using language to mislead the public and tools that uphold the efficiency paradigm.

Leadership (03:02)

Most people equate leadership with management training. Manifesting Sustainable Development Goals requires everyday leadership and new metrics for measuring processes that shift away from the economics paradigm.

Credits: Empowering Our Personal and Professional Journey (00:55)

Credits: Empowering Our Personal and Professional Journey

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In this program Hazel Henderson explores with Dr. Monica Sharma, author of Radical Transformational Leadership (2018), her personal story growing up in India. How she practiced medicine there and grew to understand the importance for human health of looking at her patients’ life circumstances and their environments. Dr. Sharma became a leader in many United Nations health initiatives and her leadership style can inspire and empower many others.

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