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Cuban Revolution and Special Period (07:54)


Yovani Santana was five when the revolution began; his parents joined the Communist Party. The government started nationalization with land and housing reform. Cuba lost financial support from the Soviet Union in 1991; tourism became important.

Cubaneo Love for Family Enterprise (05:15)

Most car companies left the island when the U.S. broke diplomatic ties and people had to adapt Soviet parts for their cars. Santana's family sold cars they restored. Most money earners supported family members.

Cubaneo Love for Organic Agriculture (03:59)

Cuba's agricultural model influenced many countries. The Special Period forced emphasis on organic agriculture, farmers formed cooperatives, and farm-to-table restaurants multiplied.

Cubaneo Love for Art & Music (06:12)

Cuban artists participated in the revolutionary process. The government pushed artistic development after the revolution. The government provided art education and students worked for the government for two years.

Cubaneo (02:27)

Santana explains the use of the word Cubaneo. Cubans see themselves as people with many challenges. Cuban modernization is irreversible.

Credits: Cubaneo: Embodying Resilience (00:60)

Credits: Cubaneo: Embodying Resilience

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Cubaneo: Embodying Resilience

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After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Cuba was left with no Soviet Union financial support. Since 1991 the Cuban people have demonstrated resilience as they develop ways to support their families and reinvent a nation. This film tells the personal stories of these people as they show their love for family enterprise, love for organic agriculture and love for art and music.

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