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Deserts and Mountains of China (05:36)


The Pamir Mountains meet the Hindu Kusch, the Karakorum, and the Himalayan range in the valleys surrounding Kashgar. The people in the province of Xinjiang have a Middle Eastern, Turkish culture due to their distance from Beijing.

Kashgar Animal Trading (04:34)

The suburbs of Kashgar are known for their livestock markets which held every Sunday attracting Turkic-Mongol breeders. Sheep, horses, goats, and cows are the most popular livestock sold and traded at the weekend market.

Ancient Chinese Cartography (04:36)

Mahmud al-Kashgari, an eleventh-century academic known for his compilation of the Turkic languages during his time, is buried in Upal. The Karakoram Highway is one of the world's most scenic routes as it snakes through the Himalayan Mountain range; this area is included in the New Silk Road Program.

Religious History of Kashgar (05:07)

The Tashkurgan Valley sits over three thousand miles above sea level was the resting place of the Chinese monk Faxian who brought Buddhism to the region from India. Iranian culture, including Zoroastrian religious symbols, can still be seen in Tashkurgan.

Religious Wedding Ceremony (04:22)

The Tajiks of China have been labeled as a Chinese ethnic minority and now only consist of fifty-thousand of its inhabitants. Local Tajiks discuss their culture as well as their religious ceremonies and eagle dances.

Credits: Kashgar (00:39)

Credits: Kashgar

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China: Kashgar

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Alfred's point of entry to China is Kashgar, in the Xinjiang region—the biggest in the country. It is home to the Uyghurs, an ethnic minority descended from Turkic peoples. At the height of trading on the Silk Road, Kashgar was a major hub for caravans travelling to India or Central Asia. Alfred visits a market, is instructed in the importance of plant ingredients in preparing medicines by a Uyghur apothecary and is invited to a Tajik wedding in the valley of Tashkurgan.

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