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Causes of Evolution (09:21)


Astronomer Richard Mueller created the Nemesis Theory to explain why the comet that killed the dinosaurs came hurtling to Earth. The Oort Cloud is a region of the solar system where comets freeze and remain before they hurtle toward the sun.

Star Pairs and Systems (08:34)

Mueller believes the sun's nemesis is a red dwarf star which changes the orbits of comets and forces them onto a different route; 60-70% of stars are binary. The center of mass concept dictates that objects of similar mass rotate around an invisible center; the twin of the sun will have a much smaller mass, making rotation irregular.

Detecting Solar System Objects (07:03)

The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer could discover whether the sun's nemesis exists. A demonstration at a racetrack displays how infrared technology can detect planets. Scientists have difficulty spotting objects within our solar system because they do not produce as much visible energy.

Future Extinction (10:16)

Something appears to be disturbing comets within the Oort Cloud, leading scientists to fear another mass extinction. Some theorize a giant undiscovered planet is responsible for the disturbance; Mike Brown discovered the unusual planetoid, Sedna.

Future of the Solar System (07:28)

Sedna was thrown from the solar system when it interfered with the orbit of several other planets; a star pushed it further. Some astronomers believe a dark, reddish star entered the Oort Cloud, signaling a change in the solar system is coming.

Credits: The Sun's Evil Twin (00:20)

Credits: The Sun's Evil Twin

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Could there be a monstrous, undiscovered star orbiting our own Sun? Could it be scattering killer comets throughout our Solar System like clockwork every 26 million years?

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