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Route 66 Sign and the Slinky (10:34)


A panel of experts discusses the world's most important objects and how they changed the American or global culture, beginning with Route 66. Several of the most influential items came from the world of cinema, including a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin's hat and cane.

Hula Hoops and Rabbit's Feet (08:30)

Hula hoops are known as children's toys, but are also effective exercise machines. Teddy bears and jack-o-lanterns became must-have objects for modern children because of an American president and a folktale.

Roulette Wheels and Wedding Rings (08:11)

One of the most famous objects relating to the political world is Monica Lewinsky's dress that investigators extracted DNA from as evidence against President Bill Clinton. Harry Houdini was a renowned escape artist who had an extensive collection of handcuffs from which he would escape.

Jimi Hendrix's Guitar (07:25)

Dog tags the American military issued to their soldiers during the controversial Vietnam War later became an iconic, American symbol. One of the most influential objects throughout time has been the judge's gavel, which is used in during the sentencing process.

Barbie Dolls and Dice (08:58)

Two items that shaped the religious and musical cultures of the modern world were the Shroud of Turin and the Christmas tree. Hard hats were a very simple invention but saved many lives during the construction of great American landmarks like the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Chop Sticks and Chess Sets (08:20)

The United States dollar bill is produced by the U.S. Bureau of engraving and printing, which prints over twenty-three million bills annually. Thrones were seats of power; the Peacock Throne of India was particularly awe-inspiring.

Nobel Prize and Meteorites (12:09)

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the world's most wanted golden metals but has been awarded to fewer than one hundred people since its founding. The Mona Lisa was one of the most influential pieces of art in history.

Postage Stamps and Sundials (08:52)

The American flag is the symbol of the United States; a flag was commissioned by Fort McHenry so they could fly the new nation's symbol as the British approached. Other significant objects include the gold bar, the Liberty Bell, the crucifix, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Moon Rocks and the Bible (07:22)

The cuneiform tablet, the world's first writing system, created the biggest communication revolution in human history. Experts agree the object that has had the most significant impact on society is the Bible.

Credits: 101 Objects That Changed The World (00:25)

Credits: 101 Objects That Changed The World

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Our lives are so full of stuff these days that the average object is instantly forgettable. But, when fate and history combine, even the simplest of objects become infused with destiny—so much so that they actually change the world.

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