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Biological Diversity (08:26)


Science is just beginning to truly understand the importance of biological diversity to ecosystem functions. Researchers in Minnesota are studying a natural history reserve to understand the relationship between insect and plant species. Areas with more diversity survived better during a drought.

Community Ecology (07:41)

Community ecology focuses on species interactions and can show connections between biodiversity and increased risk for disease. Researchers are studying how humans living in closer proximity to forest animals, such as deer and mice, led to the spread of Lyme disease.

Understanding Extinctions (04:43)

Species are going extinct faster than they have in recent history, which has led it to being called the sixth mass extinction. Researchers are working to determine threats to biodiversity and ways to combat them. Human behavior is the primary threat to the world's biodiversity.

Species Inventory (05:37)

The lack of a catalog of the world's species and their relationships to a given ecosystems makes conversation strategies difficult to determine. Researchers are studying and recording the genetic diversity of plants to ensure they are protected by human populations.

Credits: Biodiversity (01:16)

Credits: Biodiversity

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With current extinction rates exceeding those of previous mass extinctions, many biodiversity studies focus on efforts to count the Earth's species before they are lost. This session explores current field experiments studying complex ecosystems and how environmental and biodiversity changes might affect their functions.

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