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Introduction: Grief, A Peril in Infancy (00:53)


In this film, a group of psychologists studies the effect that losing a mother has on the development of an infant. The researchers only include behavior that is typical of the infant during the study.

Baby Loses Its Mother (10:34)

The psychologist observes the reactions of infants following the loss of their mothers to understand their emotional response and the effects it has on their development.

Babies Reared Without Mothers (06:53)

The psychologist finds that if the mother is absent for more than three months, the child develops an apathetic, passive attitude. Each of the children in this study is living in an institution where they receive all of the care they need. See footage of several of the babies as they react to the loss of their mothers.

The Cure - Give Mother Back to Baby (05:49)

In this section of the experiment, the babies are reunited with a mother-figure to understand how this will affect their personality and development moving forward. See footage of the infants responding to the reintroduction of the motherly figure by playing with the observers and the other children.

Credits: Grief, A Peril in Infancy (00:01)

Credits: Grief, A Peril in Infancy

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Grief, A Peril in Infancy

Part of the Series : René A. Spitz: Problems in Infancy
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This video features original silent footage from René Spitz's research on child development. It focuses on how an infant is affected by a long separation from the mother during the first year of life.

Length: 25 minutes

Item#: BVL160115

ISBN: 978-1-64481-334-8

Copyright date: ©1947

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