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Aggressive Behavior (07:31)


Bandura classical study of the modeling of aggression included the use of a "Bobo doll"; he explains how the study was structured and conducted. Research showed that aggression is learned through parenting models; Bandura shares an example of the difference between learning and performance in regards to aggressive behavior.

Comparison and Morality (09:44)

Bandura states that the consumption of violence through popular media will not cause society to be more aggressive. The discussion turns to the topic of how people can be taught to become moral individuals; Bandura has found people can engage and disengage their morality.

Understanding Patterns of Behavior (07:12)

Bandura explains, through his research, his team was able to identify several driving forces behind human accomplishments, motivation, and distress. High self-efficacy thinking patterns give individuals a higher chance of success. He describes what he will focus on as his career continues.

Credits: Albert Bandura (00:49)

Credits: Albert Bandura

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Albert Bandura: Part 2

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In this video, psychologist Albert Bandura discusses his famous Bobo Doll Experiment. He also considers the effects of aggression and violence in the media, morality and moral disengagement,and self-efficacy.

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