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Albert Bandura: Part One: Introduction (01:45)


Dr. Albert Bandura is known for the thoughtful analysis of morality he developed within his work, but recently focused his research on regulating mechanisms. He served as President of the American Psychological Association and wrote many important theoretical research papers which are frequently cited.

Becoming a Psychologist (05:20)

Bandura became be a psychologist as an undergraduate; he then went on to receive and pursue his Ph.D. in clinical psychology. He explains how the book "Social Learning and Imitation" impacted his studies of modeling.

Theories of Human Behavior (06:21)

Bandura was able to conceptualize the modeling process as a broader phenomenon that has diverse functions, unlike previous modeling systems. He is increasingly interested in the power of symbols in shaping human behavior and thought.

Modeling and Social Aggression (05:48)

Bandura is popular for his concepts of aggression, which have been frequently cited in the press and academic community. Bandura states a theory of aggression must explain three elements of behavior: the acquisition of aggressive behavior patterns, what provoked the aggression, and finally what creates this behavioral pattern.

Neurology and Aggression (07:37)

Sometimes aggression can be rewarded in social scenarios; Bandura gives several examples of situations in which aggression can be beneficial. Bandura believes sociobiologists' view of aggression relies heavily on neurological mechanisms, which have evolved with rapid social change.

Credits: Albert Bandura (00:48)

Credits: Albert Bandura

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In this video discussion, psychologist Albert Bandura discusses the influences on his theories and research and considers cognitive and social behavior modification, social learning, modeling, and aggression.

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