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Understanding Personalities (09:10)


Sanford is responsible for starting an institute for the study of human problems; he explains how the institute began. He addresses some popular criticisms of the authoritarian personality.

Personality Development (04:07)

Sanford believes colleges in the United States are failing because they do not focus on helping individual students to develop skills and succeed. He and his psychological colleagues have been trying to build a theory of personality development and accumulate relevant facts about the process.

Meaning of Generalizations (02:15)

While the primary area of study for Sanford has not been sexual behavior on college campuses, he has been able to determine the rates of promiscuity are not much higher than they have been in the past. He states modern authoritarianism is expressed by making accusations and statements about students, rather than marginalized groups of the past.

Conducting Experimental Research (04:31)

When asked about the data he has discovered when researching alcoholism on college campuses, Sanford explains how this type of research is conducted. His team has recommended, following an extensive study, the legal age for drinking be lowered from twenty-one to eighteen to reduce underage drinking.

Future of College Education (03:33)

Sanford explains his desire for a multidisciplinary approach to a college education and how these programs would function logistically. He believes all college students should take three or four psychology courses and demand their professors in graduate school provide relevant information to tackle societal problems.

Credits: Dr. Nevitt Sanford (00:31)

Credits: Dr. Nevitt Sanford

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In this video discussion, psychologist Dr. Nevitt Sanford presents his views of college students and college education and discusses human problem.

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