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Introduction: Introversion-Extraversion and Other Contributions (00:38)


Dr. Richard Evans recalls speaking with renown psychologist Dr. Carl Jung several years ago. Today, he will share the footage of that conversation.

Jung's Early Work (04:10)

Early in his career as a psychologist and academic, Jung is associated with research he conducts with Sigmund Freud. Freud's association theories inspire Jung and he builds on them in his own research.

Drive and Power (03:34)

Jung considers the emphasis Freud placed on the sex drive. Evans claims Freud placed heavy emphasis on the libido because sex was taboo in society at the time, causing mass sexual frustration.

Contributions and the Oedipus Complex (07:29)

Jung is known for his study and definition of the unconscious. He defines Freud's theory in his own terms in relation to his concept of the archetype.

Personas and Ego (03:28)

Jung defines persona as a complicated system of behavior in which people present themselves in relation to the expectations of others and their own desires. His clarifies the distinction between the Self and the Ego.

Introversion and Extraversion (07:35)

Jung explains there is no true introvert or extravert; these are terms to designate a certain tendency within someone's personality. He responds to speculation that extraverts are well attuned to the threat of nuclear war. Jung relates several terms to the introvert-extravert dichotomy.

Personality Types (04:53)

Jung defines eight personality types based on his notion of the four functions—thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition. Jung explains the distinction between the intuitive extrovert and the intuitive introvert.

Modern Culture (03:06)

Jung considers contemporary culture and the cause of excessive drug use in the United States. He describes the relations between alchemy and the development of the unconscious.

Credits: Introversion-Extraversion and Other Contributions (00:37)

Credits: Introversion-Extraversion and Other Contributions

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Discussion with Dr. Carl Jung: Introversion-Extraversion and Other Contributions

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In this video discussion, psychologist Carl Jung talks about his contributions to the psychology of personality and considers the introversion-extroversion scale.

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