Segments in this Video

Discussions of Mental Health (05:19)


Skinner begins by discussing his opinions on psychotic patients and how they are institutionalized for public behavior rather than private feelings. The discussion turns to intellectually underdeveloped people and how they can be placed in an environment that will allow them to lead successful, ordinary lives.

B.F. Skinner's Ideal Society (07:50)

Skinner is asked about his controversial novel "Walden Two" which he wrote to be a utopia in which people cut down consumption. Skinner then moves on to discuss value judgments and how these techniques relate to the Russian government and the Nazis.

Modern Education (10:00)

Skinner explains the results of negative reinforcement are often immediate while positive reinforcement requires time, patience, and an understanding of human behavior. He then goes on to state that the current educational system does not operate as effectively as it could regarding educational technology. Many modern teaching methods make students hate learning.

Understanding Teaching Machines (07:12)

Skinner shares his opinion on Freud's defense mechanisms including methods like rationalization, projection, and identification; Skinner believes they are a method of aversive control. He then explains his method when training and teaching new psychologists, including his aversion to the study of scientific methods and statistics.

Analyzing Incentive Systems (06:33)

Skinner believes his development of the cumulative record for use in long term analysis has been the most important achievement of his scientific career. He talks through the different contingencies that are represented by the laws of a country to control, reward, or punish its citizens including through the economy and traffic violations.

Critics of B.F. Skinner (07:34)

Skinner does not expect his work on positive reinforcement to be widely accepted by psychoanalysts. He states that the basis of self-control lies in an individual controlling his environment.

Credits: BF Skinner (00:15)

Credits: BF Skinner

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In this video discussion, Dr. B. F. Skinner talks about a variety of topics, including treatment of the mentally ill, social values, aversive versus positive control, and the limitations of the educational system. He discusses his utopian novel Walden Two, gives his opinions of statistical methods, and considers Freudian defense mechanisms. He also considers his contributions and criticisms of them.

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