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Morality in Literature (06:23)


Many experts agree that some of the most significant theories of personality and psychology have come from great works of literature and other disciplines within the humanities. Arthur Miller's characters are often shaped by their unconscious behavior; Miller discusses the moral arguments fueling his writing.

Freudian Psychology (05:22)

Miller talks with the interviewer about how he includes the work of the psychologist Sigmund Freud into the actions and thoughts of the characters in his plays. Miller describes his thoughts on the Nazi experiments that took place during World War II in the name of science.

Theories of Personality (10:39)

Miller explains every play is built on a paradox, so he chooses points in the conflict between a character's personality traits to use in his story. Miller describes how he has mostly created his own psychological theories in conjunction with Freud.

Understanding Psychology (11:01)

According to Miller, every person, sometimes even without an education, will understand basic, psychological concepts from their experiences. Miller explains why he uses psychological theories within his creative work.

Mental Health in Plays (09:19)

Miller believes every person has an investment in the evils of their society which they can join or choose to escape, an idea he wrote about in a recent play. Suffering, according to Miller, exists to inform people's lives, not to injure them.

Future for Arthur Miller (05:18)

Miller discusses the difference between psychology and creative writing with the interviewer. In his writing, Miller hopes to continue creating human relations between individuals and social structures which shape their personalities.

Credits: Psychological Dialogue with Playwright Arthur Miller (01:25)

Credits: Psychological Dialogue with Playwright Arthur Miller

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In this video, playwright Arthur Miller, whose plays often questioned the psychological causes of behavior, shares his reactions to major personality theories. He discusses art versus science, personality growth, and identity and role conflict and he reflects of contemporary problems of his time.

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