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Discussions on Freudian Psychology (05:31)


Erikson is asked if he agrees with Sigmund Freud's concept of the libido. He then discusses the study of the id and the ego energies.

Developing a System of Beliefs (07:16)

Erikson explains the difference between negative and positive identities citing the experiences of post-pubescent adolescents. He clarifies that for many young people, an ideology typically will become the basis of their identity and aides in the developmental process.

Existentialism and Conformity (05:50)

When asked about identity crises, which have become more common in modern culture, Erikson begins by discussing how the existentialists deal with these types of crises. The interviewer points out that deviants will conform to the culture of their group just as willingly as conformist in conventional society.

Identity Development (06:41)

Erikson believes the existential movement is a regression to a pre-Freudian era of psychology; he describes several problems he has surveyed within the movement. The discussion turns to positive and negative identity as a pattern within an individual's life leading to a crisis.

Cross-Cultural Research (06:10)

Many fellow academics recognize Erikson for his extensive cross-cultural work, and he claims he entered into this field accidentally. He goes on to share the research techniques he used when studying the Sioux Native American tribe.

Virtue Development (08:11)

Out of his cross-cultural research, Erikson was able to create his eight stages of developing biological and psychosocial virtues. He explains how the knowledge of these eight stages contributes to psychotherapy and clinical psychology and the role played by mental health.

Therapeutic Techniques (09:54)

Erikson responds to popular nihilistic studies which have launched theories about how psychoanalysis and other forms of therapy are unnecessary.

Credits: Professor Erik Erikson (00:43)

Credits: Professor Erik Erikson

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Erik Erikson talks about libido theory, ego-identity, identity crisis, positive and negative identity, existentialism, cross-cultural research, and fixation. He also discusses the value of psychotherapy.

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