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Part One: Evan's Dialogue with Jean Piaget and Barbel Inhelder: Introduction (02:05)


Dr. Jean Piaget was a recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the American Psychological Association in 1969 and is acclaimed for his perspective on the nature of human knowledge and biological intelligence. Barbel Inhelder is Piaget's primary colleague and research partner; Inhelder and Piaget come together for the interview with an interpreter.

Modifying Behavior (08:28)

Piaget shares his opinion on learning models including cognitive learning and response-oriented learning, both of which deal with behavior modification. He discusses the approach to perception he uses in his work and research; he was heavily influenced by Gestalt theory.

Sensory Motor Period (08:54)

The Piaget development model was created by Piaget and Inhelder; Piaget precisely defines each stage, specifically infantile. Piaget gives an example of each of the substages of the sensory-motor stage of development; he explains this stage is primarily about understanding objects in relation to one another.

Pre-Operational Level of Existence (08:15)

Piaget disagrees with George Herbert Mead's definition of the development of an infant's perception as a physical being because it assumes the child does not have to construct object permanence. Inhelder explains the importance of continual awareness of the simultaneous construction of the knowledge of the physical world and ourselves; Piaget and Inhelder explain that circular reactions are how children develop schemes and must redevelop them on each plane of existence.

Understanding Childhood Development (10:45)

The organism moves into the operational level around seven years of age, and this complex stage will last until the child is eleven years old; Piaget describes the formal-operation period as a hypothesis. Inhelder is asked what is different about Piaget's developmental model in comparison to standard intelligence tests; she explains their model of operations measures the competency of a child and hopes to bring out the positive aspects within all individuals.

Credits: Evan's Dialogue with Jean Piaget and Barbel Inhelder (00:28)

Credits: Evan's Dialogue with Jean Piaget and Barbel Inhelder

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Evan's Dialogue with Jean Piaget and Barbel Inhelder: Part 1

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In this video, Jean Piaget and Barbel Inhelder discuss concepts of motivation, learning, perception, sensory-motor issues, pre-operational stages, and the operational stage.

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