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Precognition in Animals (06:44)


The interviewer asks Rhine what the most important research taking place in his laboratory is, and Rhine explains how he defines his most important work. Much of Rhine's work is focused on the study of precognition within animals, which is basically how animals can predict coming events.

Understanding the Frequency of ESP (09:00)

The interviewer probes Rhine on how frequently ESP appears in a certain species, and if there are some types of animals or people prone to precognition than others. Rhine talks about his work in comparison to Carl Jung, Harry Stack Sullivan, and others.

Understanding PSY Personalities (08:08)

The interviewer asks Rhine about his early experiment in which a "sender" and a "receiver" would work together on a telepathy study; Rhine explains why so few telepathy experiments are conducted.

Experimental Psychology Research (09:35)

The interviewer surveyed part of a recent experiment in the parapsychology lab and asked Rhine about the reward methods used by the researchers. Rhine describes how, through trial and error, he and his wife were able to develop their testing techniques.

International Parapsychology Research (10:11)

Rhine and the interviewer discuss the research being conducted by parapsychology centers in the United States and internationally; Rhine believes centers in Japan are currently the most successful in their research. In conclusion, Rhine claims he does not consider any of his work to be completely done by himself because his team and his wife contributed heavily to his work.

Credits: Dr. J B Rhine (00:36)

Credits: Dr. J B Rhine

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Dr. J B Rhine: Part 2

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Dr. J. B. Rhine discusses his involvement with ESP; telepathy, clairvoyance, pre-cognition, and psychokinesis. He also considers misconceptions of psi research, criticisms of his work, and control of psi.

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