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Building Upon Freudian Theory (06:29)


Allport is asked about the term proprium and its relation to the self and the ego. He claims to have coined the term to avoid confusion over the definitions of the other two terms.

Experimental Psychology (09:24)

Allport gives several examples of "personal dispositions" and when they can be nomothetic. Allport talks about his experimental research on the study of values. Allport describes how he and his team of psychology researchers measure and collect data through their research.

Personality Typology (05:37)

Allport discusses his opinion that personality testing only yields useless measurements which do not accurately describe an individual's personality. He expresses his excitement when his theory of value systems became useful in the field of psychological research.

Neurology, Psychology, and Philosophy (10:37)

Allport addresses a popular movement in the field of behavioral psychology called physiological-psychology which connects neurology and psychology. Personality development is centrally impacted by the socialization process, according to Allport; he also claims reward and punishment often have little to do with motivating behavior.

Existential Movement (08:03)

Allport explains how he believes the individuation process affects people as they begin aging and asserts every individual grows older differently. Allport shares his opinions on the existential movement and how he defines the term "existential."

Developing Psychology (06:09)

Allport is asked if he believes the existential movement will continue to grow, or if, as society changes, the movement will die out. Allport explains what he considers to be his most significant contribution to the field of psychology; he states personality theory is his most important work.

Credits: Dr. Gordon Allport (00:47)

Credits: Dr. Gordon Allport

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In this video, Dr. Gordon W. Allport talks about his views on ego, self, and proprium. He considers the evaluation of personality, personality testing, and existentialism.

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