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20.1 Language Functions (03:34)


Considering options includes: personal issues, work issues, negotiating, conflicting options, and positive thinking.

20.2 Grammar (03:09)

Examples of subordinating conjunctions include: however, otherwise, unless, although, before, after, even if, even though, while, and so that.

20.3 Idioms (03:16)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "the soft option," "Plan B," "between a rock and a hard place," "Catch 22," "a win-win situation," and "jump the gun."

20.4 Vocabulary (02:56)

Examples of vocabulary words include: pros and cons, ruthless, benefit, assumed, prematurely, slacker, Zen-like, piece, and peace.

20.5 Pronunciation (02:37)

Practice stressing syllables. Examples include: together, decision, options, otherwise, accomplished, bonus, and beverage.

Credits: Considering Options: English at Work (00:17)

Credits: Considering Options: English at Work

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Learn to discuss various options, and to improve your conversation skills using subordinating conjunctions.

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