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8.1 Language Functions (02:59)


Ways to introduce a suggestion include: my suggestion is, maybe, why don't, do you wanna (want to), how about, it might be a good idea if, and I think we should.

8.2 Grammar (01:57)

Learn how to use the future tense "going to." Examples include: I'm gonna/I'm going to, we're gonna/we are going to, and what's going to happen.

8.3 Idioms (04:44)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "mums the word," "go for it," "take the bull by the horns," "get the credit," "get rid of," "buckle up," "screw on your thinking cap," and "get ready to roll."

8.4 Vocabulary (02:36)

Examples of vocabulary words include: thumb drive, cell phone, pens, battery charger, laptop, apologize, and it's/its.

8.5 Pronunciation (01:40)

Examples of words with silent letters include: rapport, dumb, wrong, know, Wednesday, wrinkles, and chocolate.

Credits: Making Suggestions: English at Work (00:17)

Credits: Making Suggestions: English at Work

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Learn the important skill of making suggestions, and to talk about future plans using "going to."

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