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3.1 Language Functions (04:41)


See examples of positive and negative descriptions. Scenarios include: Sherry, Mr. Garrison, Marcus, Carol, Steve, Sanjay, and Casey.

3.2 Grammar (04:48)

Examples of regular comparatives include words ending in "er" and the word "more." Examples of regular superlatives include words ending in "est" and "the most." Examples of irregular comparatives and superlatives include "bad" and "good."

3.3 Idioms (02:30)

Learn the definition of several idioms. Examples include: "a snake in the grass," "look up to someone," "a downer," and "rub someone the wrong way."

3.4 Vocabulary (02:13)

Examples of vocabulary words include: cool, sympathetic/kind, pessimistic, rude, awesome, and creative.

3.5 Pronunciation (00:32)

Hear a rhyme to help recognize the rhythm of speech.

Credits: Describing People: English at Work (00:17)

Credits: Describing People: English at Work

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Learn to describe people positively and negatively, and to use regular and irregular comparatives and superlatives.

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