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Stigmatized Through Language (03:26)


Dr. Neil Thompson discusses how language is a key part of human life. How people speak about groups of humans has a direct effect on that group.

Part One: The Pendulum Swing (08:34)

Thompson discusses a brief history of the relationship between language and discrimination beginning in the 1960s. It was common to hear racist terms frequently used in public.

Part Two: Language and Power (06:33)

Language reflects and sustains the existing power structure. Power structures are not necessarily bad and society depends on them.

Part Three: Linguistic Sensitivity (13:15)

Thompson explains several approaches to using the correct language without falling into oversimplified political correctness. He explains five elements of the "taking sides approach" to language.

Conclusion (01:56)

Thompson summarizes the key points of his presentation on the connection between language and discrimination; language is a complex subject.

Credits: Beyond Political Correctness (00:25)

Credits: Beyond Political Correctness

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Language and Discrimination: Beyond Political Correctness

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This video lecture with Dr. Neil Thompson addresses problems inherent in the use of discriminatory language, discussing why political correctness is not necessarily the answer and examining the need for a much more sophisticated approach to tackling discriminatory forms of language.

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