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What is an Ecosystem? (02:13)


An ecosystem is a community of plants, animals, and organism living together. An ecosystem can be a river or a drop of water. Large ecosystems are called biomes.

Arctic Tundra (02:02)

The arctic tundra is the Earth's coldest biome. The ground is always frozen—permafrost.

Coniferous Forest (02:09)

The coniferous forest is the biome just south of the arctic tundra. The forest is filled with confer trees, which produce seeds in cones. Most animals in the forest are herbivores.

Deciduous Forest (01:48)

The deciduous forest has trees that lose their leaves in autumn. The fallen leaves make the soil fertile and the climate is more moderate.

Desert (01:46)

The desert biome supports few living organisms because of harsh conditions. Some deserts are hot all year and others are cold. Plants and animals have adapted to conditions through evolution.

Grasslands (01:15)

Grasslands are found all over the world; there are many types. Prairies are grasslands with varying climates. People use grasslands as farmland.

Aquatic Biome (01:19)

The aquatic biome is divided into the saltwater and fresh water biomes. Aquatic biomes are home to numerous animals, fish, insects, and plants.

Rainforest (02:22)

About half of the world's plants and animals live in the rainforest. Rainforests can be tropical or temperate.

Credits: Ecosystems and Biomes (00:22)

Credits: Ecosystems and Biomes

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Ecosystems and Biomes

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The moment you step out the front door you are walking into a biome, and your own backyard is part of an ecosystem. The climate, animals, and vegetation vary in many different parts of the world, which make each area a specific biome with its very own characteristics. When the seasons change, the weather changes and the environment changes, too—and one little change in the ecosystem can effect the whole biome. By viewing this video, students will learn about several different major biomes of the world and how they interact with each other. After viewing Ecosystems and Biomes, students will be able to define ecosystems and biomes, appropriately use introduced vocabulary in writing and discussion, identify the seven major biomes, list characteristics of different biomes, identify the geographic locations of the major world biomes, and be more aware of the role of the environment and its job in the ecosystem.

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