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Work (03:19)


Work measures the force applied times the distance moved, or displacement. In physics terms, it is the dot or scalar product of the vectors, force and displacement; view the work equation. Determine the amount of work used in moving a box.

Work Against Gravity (03:58)

Weight is a vector taking gravity into account. View the work against gravity equation and learn about gravitational potential energy. Determine the weight of a safe lifted to a building's roof.

Power (02:40)

Power is the rate at which work is done, measured in watts. Determine the amount of power generated when lifting a toolbox to a shelf.

Kinetic Energy (03:43)

Energy enables a particle to do work. Kinetic energy is the energy a particle has because of its motion. View the energy conservation equation and work-kinetic energy principle. Determine the kinetic energy of a car reaching 60 miles per hour.

Work and Energy Review (01:05)

Review definitions of and equations for work, power, and kinetic energy.

The Law of Universal Gravitation (07:53)

Gravitation is responsible for the attraction of every object in the universe. Learn about the universal gravitational constant. Determine how much a pizza on Earth would weigh on the sun by finding the acceleration of gravity on the sun.

The Law of Universal Gravitation Review (00:35)

Gravitation is the attraction between every object in the universe. View the Law of Universal Gravitation equation.

Credits: Trabajo y Energía (01:38)

Credits: Trabajo y Energía

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The Standard Deviants roll up their sleeves and take a look at what work means in physics. You'll discover how to find an object's kinetic energy—the energy it has because of its motion. Also, the mystery of attraction will be revealed as we cover the Law of Universal Gravitation. Finally, we'll answer that burning question: how much does a pizza weigh on the sun? This video introduces the all-important concept of work to the physics student. Physics stops being theoretical at this point and becomes useful. The conservation of energy by conversion between its different forms is both a mathematical construct as well as a physical reality. Therefore work becomes a basic construct of physics, biology, and chemistry. Kinetic energy vs. potential energy, the work-kinetic energy principle, and the use of the universal gravitation constant are covered in this video.

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