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Photography (02:38)


The field of photography has advanced rapidly in its 150-year existence. Photography helped improve the fields of science, medicine, and entertainment.

History (02:08)

The first photographs were captured with zinc and cooper plates. As lenses improved, exposure time was reduced. The Kodak M1 was the first portable camera.

The Camera (00:47)

Photography cameras capture images in a similar manner to the human eye. The lens captures the image and focuses it onto the film.

Film (03:57)

Early film was delicate and difficult to handle. The material coating the film modifies when exposed to light. Color film contains three layers.

Summary (02:32)

The first photograph was taken in 1822. Developments in lenses, film, and cameras made photography a common part of daily life.

Credits: Photography (00:47)

Credits: Photography

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Photography was invented more than 150 years ago and allows us to freeze a moment in time. This program briefly covers the important figures of photography, including Niepce, Daguerre, Talbot, Eastman, Kodak, Mannes, and Godowski. It will also cover the components of a camera, the composition of film, and the color spectrum. Lastly, it will explore the major fields in which photography is used: reporting, fashion, biology, art, artificial satellites, and more!

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