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Vaccination or Immunotherapy (07:53)


Improvements in hygiene, diet, and medicine increase life expectancy. Vaccinations can prevent or eliminate infectious diseases. In the 1800s, experts discovered microorganisms transmitted infectious diseases.

The Mechanisms of Vaccines (03:08)

Vaccines remain the greatest tool for fighting diseases. Antibodies help protect the body from viruses and bacteria. New vaccines must be produced to fight mutated diseases.

Antibiotics (03:40)

Before the development of antibiotics, people commonly died from bacterial diseases. Antibiotics fight bacterial infections by destroying or stopping the reproduction of bacterial cells.

The Present and Future of the Antimicrobial War (03:00)

Antibacterial resistance is a new threat. New strains of treatable diseases have developed, which cannot be cured with traditional methods.

Summary (03:55)

Vaccines, antibiotics, and antivirals help people survive more diseases and infections. Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccine led to the eradication of the disease.

Credits: Milestones In Medicine: Part 2 (Vaccines and Antibiotics) (02:22)

Credits: Milestones In Medicine: Part 2 (Vaccines and Antibiotics)

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Milestones In Medicine: Part 2 (Vaccines and Antibiotics)

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Learn all about the major milestones in vaccines and antibiotics. Beginning with Edward Jenner and the immunization method against smallpox, this program covers the advances in vaccinations and immunotherapy. Learn about Waldemar Haffkine, who developed a treatment for cholera, and Almroth Wright, who developed a vaccine for typhus. Other treatments are discussed for many major diseases, including diphtheria, tuberculosis, whooping cough, yellow fever, measles, hepatitis B, chicken pox, and meningitis. We’ll also discuss treatments for viral infections, including antiviral drugs. Other topics include antibiotics, the antimicrobial war, molecular medicine computer science, and DNA.

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