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The Fight Against Pain (04:19)


For centuries, surgery was painful, dangerous, and many patients died from infections. Anesthesia was first developed in the 19th century. Doctors discovered new methods to dull pain without harmful side effects.

General, Local, and Regional Anesthesia (01:53)

General anesthesia puts the patient to sleep and keeps them in an unconscious state. Local anesthesia temporarily blocks nerves and keeps patients awake. Regional anesthesia blocks groups of nerves.

Antisepsis and Asepsis (02:40)

Antisepsis and asepsis refer to the absence and destruction of micro-organisms to reduce the risk of infection during surgery. The idea and practice are relatively new in the history of medicine.

Surgery (03:52)

Blood types and blood transfusions were not discovered until the 1900s. They make surgery safer and reduce the risk of death from blood loss. Transplant operations are more successful in the late 1900s.

Summary (03:26)

Surgical practices began in the 18th century. Advancements in medicine allow surgery to be safer and less painful.

Credits: Milestones In Medicine: Part 1 (Asepsia, Anesthesia, and Surgery) (02:21)

Credits: Milestones In Medicine: Part 1 (Asepsia, Anesthesia, and Surgery)

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Milestones In Medicine: Part 1 (Asepsia, Anesthesia, and Surgery)

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Learn about the major milestones in medicine, beginning in the 18th century and spanning to the modern day. Topics include revolutions in surgery, the first use of anesthesia to dull pain, and the discovery of blood infections and hemorrhaging through blood transfusions. We’ll also discuss the contributions of major figures in medicine, including Friedrich Seteurner, Louis Pasteur, and Karl Landsteiner. Finally, the program will discuss the expectations for medical advances in the 21st century.

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