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History of Computer Science (07:47)


Counting, calculating, and handling information have been a part of daily human life since the invention of agriculture. Mechanical calculators were invented in the 1700s. Many inventors and scientists built on earlier designs to make advancements in calculating and computer science.

The Computer Revolution (04:20)

Computer science has seen more rapid development and reduction of cost than any other industry. Computer science is used in all branches of knowledge and industry.

Computer Science in Our Lives (04:35)

Many household and personal devices rely on computer science to operate. Computers are an important tool for education. The internet allows numerous services to be handled at home, which saves time and cost.

Summary (03:23)

Advancements in computer science have revolutionized society. Computers are present in all fields of human activity.

Credits: The Computer Revolution (02:25)

Credits: The Computer Revolution

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The Computer Revolution

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Since ancient times, people have had a need to count, calculate, and handle information. Computers have been vital to modern-day society to aid in these functions, and now are present in practically every field of human activity. Learn about the history of computing, including the abacus, the ENIAC computer, and modern-day computers.

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