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The Nature of Light (04:33)


Light is transmitted through space by photons and is made up of both waves and particles. Eyes distinguish colors the same way as ears discern sound. Sir Isaac Newton determined white light is made up of a spectrum of colors.

Light Sources (02:49)

Learn how light bulbs, the sun, and paraffin lamps create light through different methods. Electrons jumping to different orbits generate electromagnetic waves. Most objects only reflect light and do not omit it.

The Propagation of Light (02:53)

Light spreads in all directions, creating a ripple effect and can travel through liquids, transparent objects, and gases. Its trajectory changes when entering different mediums. Ice appears opaque or translucent.

Velocity and Summary (01:28)

Ole Rømer calculated that the speed of light was 187,500 miles per second. White light is made up of a spectrum of colors.

Credits: What Is Light? (00:39)

Credits: What Is Light?

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What Is Light?

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What Is Light? In this program, find out light’s natural properties, its relationship to color, and the different behaviors of light in air or water. We’ll also cover sources of light, electromagnetic waves, and the speed of light.

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