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What Is Energy? (01:21)


The universe is in continuous motion. Bodies constantly modify their characteristics, sometimes changing their position, structure or temperature. These changes require energy, one of the most important and mysterious forces occurring in nature.

Energy (01:48)

Scientists define energy as the capacity to do work. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only changed. At first, humans only knew how to use the energy of their bodies, but gradually harnessed the power of tools, animals, fire and machines. Petrol is our primary source of energy.

Transformation of Energy (02:08)

One form of energy can be converted to another, but it is not possible to create energy from nothing. Humans have managed to convert various forms of energy such as harnessing kinetic energy from flowing rivers to turn hydroelectric turbines, creating electricity which is used to generate heat, light, and movement.

Energy Sources (02:28)

The sun is humanity's main source of energy. Photosynthesis creates forests which eventually fossilize and become coal and crude oil.

Energy Reserves (00:60)

Nonrenewable sources of energy are limited in quantity by nature—uranium, natural gas, coal, wood and oil. Renewable sources are virtually inexhaustible as they are derived from the sun, wind, flow of rivers, and the sea.

Summary (02:41)

This segment reviews the concepts of energy discussed in this video.

Credits: What Is Energy? (00:41)

Credits: What Is Energy?

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What Is Energy?

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Energy is the strongest force in the universe. But where did it come from? This program covers the origins of energy, energy through the ages, physical and chemical changes, and the definition of energy. We’ll also explore energy in different forms, including fire and its discovery, calorific energy, the invention of machines, petroleum, windmills, photosynthesis, the Sun, energy reserves, and mechanical, electrical, and luminous energies.

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